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ourlovewilloutlasthestars: Bella is beautiful! <3 

She sure is!

Anonymous: My exboyfriend decided to have sex with me one last time, knowing that he was going to break up with me 10 minutes later. It was consensual but i feel like something has been taken from me. Any advice or just anything really? Someone told me this is emotional rape but i dont even know what the hell that means. Just looking for some one else's insight of this situation. P.S. youre hella cool and im glad i follow you :D 

damn that’s fucked up. i’m sorry he did that to you. it’s hard to understand why he would do that to you, when he knew he wasn’t interested in being a couple anymore. but he saw it as just sex…you obviously saw it as an emotional connection. so that’s why it’s hurt you so much, you made yourself vulnerable and he took advantage of it. things will get better.

Anonymous: How do I know if a guy likes me? 

dude i have no idea lol

Anonymous: What was your first time getting fingered like? I've been a relationship with my boyfriend for a few months now and I'm not ready to sleep with him but I think I'm willing to let him finger me and don't know how my body will react. 

oh god. getting fingered is so intense, i love it. it’s a really intimate thing in my opinion.

Anonymous: Aaaah can't wait to see how Bella grows with you you're such a great female role model and awesome mother figure, Justin also seems like such a kind loving dad she's a lucky girl!! 

well thank you so much. i hope i can teach her to have an open heart.