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Anonymous: Giciksin sen valla giciksin. Bizde anonim degil miyiz niye cevap vermiyon kevase 

I don’t know what this says.

Anonymous: Do you have a Pinterest? 

I do but I don’t use it hardly at all.

Anonymous: I've heard you say that you and your fiance are tight on money so I was wondering what y'all do for fun and if so how do you find the money to do so? Me and my fiance aren't in the best financial situation but I want to do something nice for him 

We have money for our bills and money for gas and food and all the things we need. We don’t always have extra money to go out and do things we want to do. We try to save to do something really fun at least once a month. We have a jar we put change and dollar bills in. It adds up quick! I don’t know how movie prices are where you live, but here they are really outrageous. There’s a theater that does $5 movies before noon, so that’s another thing we like to do, sneaking in our own snacks of course. We also like to go to museums. We live close to Houston and there are so many museums there! Most are fairly cheap and you can spend all day looking at stuff and talking and taking pictures. Aquariums too. We also like to have days where we buy junk food and marathon a TV series or some movies in the dark, and don’t shower or even leave the house. Just a day in. Arcades can be really fun too, most games are around 50 cents and you can play together. Sometimes we will go to the local 99 cent store (where literally everything is a dollar) and go in and seperate, and pick out say 10 things for eachother. it’s always fun to see what they come up with, cause there are endless choices. You can also cook a meal together instead of going out, which can be much cheaper. The important thing to remember is that you deserve to have fun. You may be tight on funds but you deserve to do something enjoyable! Set aside money for those things, save up if it’s something big. You have to be able to do it without feeling guilty.

b1oodbound: do you post the recipes to the food you post? 

not usually, unless i find the photo on a recipe site. then i link it.